Nozzles for PE-Tube & 3/8” thread pipes

TGW has developed A new nozzle with built in anti drip valve (ADV)

The advanced design of the nozzle prevents after dripping and corrosion caused by air in the tubes

• Water saving
• Self cleaning
• Easy to fit
• Fits existing systems
• 3/8 “ thread or barb for PEL-Tube
• Fast opening and closing operation
• High quality material
• UV-resistant
• Comprehensively tested
• Used for watering, cooling, mist formation and humidity control. The low water consumption makes it very economical to use.
• Demands no maintenance, is self cleaning due to the needle design.
• Four different models of each fitting makes it easy to find the right one for your purpose.
• Built in filter.
• No need for extension tubes

Green nozzie = with membrane

Black nozzie = without membrane

The Growers World Ltd (TGW) is a Danish family owned company, founded in 1993.
Our products consists of different types of Nozzles, sprinklers, micro sprayers and ALU-Rails.