Hanging Plants

New flexible PEL-TUBE system specially designed for Hanging Plants Irrigation or Drip Systems

TGW has developed a new simple and very flexible PEL-TUBE system, specially designed for Hanging Plants, and the system has become much faster to install.
The new system consists of ALU-Rail (530,506,or532) in lengths of 5 meters, who is assembled with a connecting band (501) every 5 meters. The Rail hangs with the fitting(502) all produced from aluminium.

A PEL-Tube is fitted into the ALU-Rail, all in one long piece, in one end of the PEL-Tube a block piece is fitted, and the other a threaded fitting for water supply.

The ALU-Rail only need hanging fitting (502) every 2 - 4 meters, depending on the size and weight of the plants.

Installation time is very short, and therefore very cost effective compared to other known Tube systems.

After correct installation, the Hanging Plants system is very accessible.

The Growers World Ltd (TGW) is a Danish family owned company, founded in 1993.
Our products consists of different types of Nozzles, sprinklers, micro sprayers and ALU-Rails.