Jet Fogger

TGW has developed the most efficient atomizer nozzle of the new millenium

with a built-in filter and Anti Drip Valve (ADV)
Water flow of only 5,8 liters per hour per spraynozzle.
Dropsizes as little as 50 microns
Operating water pressure between 2.5 - 6 bar
Add to this a simple, time saving installation.

The new JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle is built and designed to produce a very fine mist of dropsizes of as little as 50 microns. without using compressed air or high pressure water.

The JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle produces a hollow cone of very fine drops with water pressure of minimum 2.5 bar.

With the correct adjustment of the nozzle distance and water pressure, the JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle produces a fine mist of easily evaporable water, ideal for humidity and temperature control in the horticultural sector.

The JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle produces average dropsizes of 80 microns, while many of the existing products on the market produces 100 microns or larger dropsizes.

The JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle is easily installed in TGW's Advanced Irrigation System.

Nozzles are simply pressed into the pre made holes.

Installation is much faster and thus more cost efficient compared to other well known tube systems.

The JET FOGGER atomizer nozzle has been developed to offer your plants superior growing conditions and an increase in productivity by maintaining a constant temperature/humidity and improving the atmosphere in the greenhouse.

The Growers World Ltd (TGW) is a Danish family owned company, founded in 1993.
Our products consists of different types of Nozzles, sprinklers, micro sprayers and ALU-Rails.