New product line

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Complete new product line for high-pressure humidification and cooling

Misting made easy with the nozzles of the future

All-in-one nozzles are installed completely without fittings and without prior and detailed planning which makes the assembly work significantly cheaper and more flexible.
The nozzle coupling is VERY robust and tested with a test pressure of at least 210 bar (operating pressure max 70 bar).
All nozzles contain anti-drip valve and nozzle tips in brass or stainless as desired. Powerful O-rings and Anti-drip valve in high quality EPDM rubber. All nozzles have built in cleanable impeller and the nozzles are also available with integrated filter.
Nozzle hole sizes available from 0.15 to 0.4 mm. An all-in-one integrated solution that is MUCH cheaper and easier to handle than other available solutions.

The SAFE Misting controller with display is the simplest controller for the user. Here you can control both ON/OFF time, humidity, and temperature. The controller is made for both single and multiple sections with only one pump.
Our unique controller has the possibility of a fixed ON time and various OFF times which is the best way to obtain full control and avoid troubles with wet flooring.
Integrated tandem functions, enable multiple sections with the double amount of nozzles and still only one pump.

Pipes and fittings

As a total supplier for greenhouses, great emphasis is placed on all individual parts being of the highest quality and that assembly takes place in the easiest possible way.


The AMP pump series is a modular construction solution where the same basic elements are used in "infinitely" many different combinations and with maximum focus on service and customer friendliness.

All pumps are initially delivered as tested “plug and play” setups.

The Growers World Ltd (TGW) is a Danish family owned company, founded in 1993.
Our products consists of different types of Nozzles, sprinklers, micro sprayers and ALU-Rails.